Saturday, December 03, 2011

Not the same old same old

The economy needs a total rethink and reset. Simply allowing the same ovine idiots that got us where we are to try and get us out again is complete madness. So then...

Print LOADS of money! After all, the world boomed happily in its ignorance through the early noughties under this illusion, and all politicians assured us that we never had it so good. This time we will do it with our eyes open.

We're going to have to do it anyway, but instead of giving it to wrong people (again) this time give everyone over the age of 30 who was born in the UK £150k, with the condition that this is first used to pay off all existing mortgages/loans.

And anyone over the age of 50 will have £50k of it compulsorily allocated to some form of creative pension fund that will be used to invest in UK businesses.

In this way, prudent savers will be rewarded for once; banks will be recapitalised - and those prudent types without debt will have a windfall with which get the economy going again like a train.

Obviously some smart thinking is needed to devise a framework that prevents grotesque asset price inflation and feckless spending on imported goods, .

A simple hike of VAT to 50% on imported cars and luxury goods would tax most of this back off the feeble-willed anyway.

Oh yes, and quit the EU. Obviously.

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