Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lest we forget who got us where we are today

Well, TMP has to agree with Janet Daley as usual.

"The great irony of the mess we are now in is that this concept of a totally rational, perfect society which must be imposed on actual people, each with his own distinct experience and perception of life, was the same delusion that wreaked havoc in Europe for generations. From one Terror to another, Robespierre to Stalin, the enforced experiments ran their course. And virtually every one required the “temporary” expunging of democracy."

Now that the EU has been proved beyond all doubt to be a shambolic combination of towering political hubris and naive economic denial, this Big Issue is how to replace ALL the present political ruling classes in the UK and EU with something that is rather more reactive to the will of the people?.

At today's Cenotaph ceremony, not one elected front line politician on view had served in any one of the armed forces. How do those who lost relatives and limbs feel about this "parade" of twats going through the motions, I wonder?

It seems that be successful in politics today, you have to start the brown-nosing at a very early age that precludes the opportunity to attain any degree of experience of the real world. None of our leaders have ever had any experience of running any sort of "real world" enterprise either. Surely to God we are going to wake up and realise that it is supreme folly to keep on handing the nation over to this sorry lot to fuck up as they invariably manage to do?

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