Monday, March 08, 2010

One man's waste is another's savings...

We hope TMP wasn't the only one to spot that Alistair Darling's latest BBC TV interview exposed Labour's weakest spot in the current "we can save the nation through efficiency, not cuts" arguments:-

"If Labour can now apparently make billions in efficiency savings, what have they been doing for the past 13 years, presumably the only answer is that it has been wasting the same tax payer money that is now earmarked for savings on a monumental scale?"

Darling was completely flummoxed around this point.

However, CMD and Osborne are still perilously close to losing it for looking too much like New Labour.  Parading the likes of Clark, Hague and even BoJo reminds the electorate that there really is a big difference. In fact, they might be better off with Ozzy than George. Sharon for PM would also probably work...

And the scary "Smiler Broon" is still always just one step away from throwing a paddy and a stapler. Maybe Andrew Rawnsley can find the Botox and ECT evidence.... the Tories and media should have tried harder to sink Goebbles' heir, Peter Mandelson for good; he's far too good at his evil trade.

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