Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The fat lady clears her throat

TMP has been taking a rest in order to recharge for the coming fray.

It should be clear to just about everyone by now that the next election is going to be about as nasty as anything anyone has ever witnessed. The issues are the same for anyone that wins: how to mop up the shambles that now exists at every level of British society, left behind after 13 years of socialist misrule. (Who is old enough to remember the ultimate chancer - Harold Wilson - and his election mantra when he won in 1964?)

Even the Labour Party itself accepts that it has no record whatever on which to fight an election, and can only rely on rubbishing the Tories. Who aren't doing a bad job of handing round the ammunition.

A key issue might be separating the stupidity from the willfulness. There is enough hard evidence that Labour has specifically set about a programme of "social engineering" to gerrymander the entire nation in its electoral favour (as observed a long time ago in this blog); Blair has stated that many of his questionable and largely undemocratic actions (at least by all previous parliamentary standards) were done in the name of a crusading belief in his own self righteousness. And Brown has happily taken over Blair's"presidential" heritage and mantle and continued to shove anyone that gets in his way, and stick two fingers up the parliamentary process that once formed a large part of our democracy.

What the country needs more than anything now is intelligent team leadership and a return to some effort at consensus, to replace the many undeserving cabals of self interested minorities that have been so damaging to our society for the past 13 years of misdirected social engineering.

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