Saturday, February 14, 2009

Taking the moral high ground

When TMP pores over the various threads of the Guardian's very excellent "Comment is Free" comment and blogging section, we have to wonder what the apparatchiks and fellow travellers that once fled to the Graun for reassurance must make of it all now. If they thought they were amongst friends who would confirm that the "way of the left" was indeed the only truth and light of politics and left-thinking opinion, they are in for a shock.

The unworldly, sanctimonious and "clique-ist" nature of the Guardian and Observer newspapers meant that Graun web site was always going be a plump target for an ambush by opposing views - but the totality, vehemence and coherence of the annihilation of all fluffy left wing postings by the Labour's growing piles of victims in the real world must have surprised even Guardian stalwarts.

Any attempt to spin Keith Vaz as a defender of propriety in politics in an effort to score cheap points off St Boris was plainly doomed to crash and burn, but still Graun hacks seem to universally underestimate the depth of feeling of the (English) nation. The seething frustration at being ruled by Labour's rickety alliance comprised of a cabal of strident minorities has progressively broken through the noise level and is now clearly the dominant voice on CiF.

It's a pity that most of the Tory party leadership may not have noticed, and appears to be still buried deep in the Blair handbook on how to smarm and con an electorate with airhead politics, and not able to recognise that robust Boris is the real deal, and quite possibly their best man for the sort of nightmare that lies ahead.

So chaps, please bin "How to con the voters the Blair way" and dig out Churchill's book on how to win a war on a bottle of Scotch a day, a fistful of stogies and utter unbridled contempt for enemies of the Nation - such as the startlingly unlovely Keith Vaz and the toxic cabal of the minorities that he represents.

Some of us have suspected Boris has had a grip on the real plot for a while, and incidents like this tend to confirm we were right; so then Bojo - give Keith a lusty V sign (V for Vaz, what else?) and we'll break out into spontaneous cheering.

However, the Graun may be cleverly hedging its bets, since although its famed public sector employment advertising will be amongst the last ad revenue to go in Broon's meltdown, it must be getting a fair bit of traffic from regions of opinion that it could never have dreamed of marshaling in its wildest asnd pinkest of dreams. Perhaps it's is specifically deleting postings that support its left-inclined opinions and contributors to encourage reactionaries to think they are winning?


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