Friday, February 13, 2009

TMP's advice to Gordon Brown

For the Nation's sake, quit before you are lynched.

Enough is enough; TMP is now physically nauseated by the site of the grinning Gordon Brown continuing to pretend has has no responsibility whatever for the financial shambles that the UK and its people finds itself mired in. It is ironic that it was Brown's exceptionally long tenure of the treasury that persuaded many "less experienced" financial world leaders that somehow believe that he must know what he was talking about. Boy, how wrong could they be?

Although Brown won't confess to playing a central role in the many failures that allowed the UK melt down to happen quite so suddenly and thoroughly, here are some things he has said (and probably wishes he had not):-

"There will be no more boom and bust"

"The UK is the best placed economy to weather the recession"

"A weak currency is the mark of a weak government"

"We saved the world"

TMP is weary of trying find to words to adequately describe your continually dismal performance at the helm of state. Gordon, your work is done. You have done what every Labour government has always done: you have wrecked the economy; you have trashed the currency; you have ignored the people in favour of the dogma, you have lavished jobs and pensions on the boys and girls of your client state, you have sowed many seeds of social unrest and dissent that your successors will be struggling to try and manage, while you enjoy a fat-sloth retirement on the lecture circuit.

You and Sarah have no need to worry; you are both minted for life regardless of what damage has been done during your time in government. Thanks to that cynical system of immunity that operates amongst politicians and thus far has managed to keep even the lovely Robert Mugabe out of jail, there is little chance that you will be required to pay for the consequences of your actions. Instead, like Tony Blair, you will be leaving that up to the many millions of Her Majesty's subjects who do not enjoy your immunity from poverty or prosecution.

And although TMP can't imagine there are any companies mad enough to want to pay for your services as a NED, as Phineas T Barnum famously once said....

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