Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why is Polly Toynbee ..?

TMP doesn't usually bother to single out specific hacks for consideration, but every now and again a truly outstanding piece of nonsense compels us to reconsider.

TMP feels it must draw a bead on the Graun's "conscience in chief" and explore just how she manages to keep the vitriol in her pen from eating through the plastic and burning her hand. Is there a more shamelessly and determinedly bigoted, wilfully ignorant, and prejudiced scribe in the whole of this land?

We have sad news for David Cameron, he might as well give up now and go and do a spot of peasant thrashing, for nothing he can say or do seems to be able to persuade La Toynbee from using anything he says or does to demean and belittle his efforts. He was simply born to the wrong parents.

PT's latest piece of priceless advice on economic salvation is that the first thing we need to do to "build a German-style industrial base".

So we must lose a war to the US and UK, get all ancient industry bombed flat (oops, they're all been turned into housing estates by now, sorry...) and rebuild it with new? There's a small catch here: the Germans sunk into recession before anyone else - because there are no customers left able to buy their wonderful goods - not even with Gordon's limitless supplies of his "funny money". Gong!

The problems run far deeper than giving Gordon another 5 years to "finish the job" by squeezing a few pips. And let's once again remember, this whole toxic loan fiasco started when Clinton's democrats (aka the USA's very own NuLabour party) forced US financial institutions to support democrat voters with just the sort improbable loans Broon wants to see British banks doing. Slippery US bankers then gift-wrapped these fairy money loans and dumped them on gullible investors around the world.

This whole mess is directly attributable to socialists meddling with long understood rules of financial probity in order to buy votes. But don't worry, TMP is not expecting even a Smith-like apology from Ms Toynbee, nor any promise to mend her misguided ways.

FYI - here is the background to this tireless class warrior...

Polly Toynbee (born Mary Louisa Toynbee on December 27, 1946) was born on the Isle of Wight. After attending Badminton School, a girls' independent school in Bristol, followed by the Holland Park School, a state comprehensive school in London (she had failed the Eleven Plus examination), she read history at St Anne's College, Oxford... Toynbee was the second daughter of the literary critic Philip Toynbee (by his first wife Anne), granddaughter of the historian Arnold J. Toynbee and great-great niece of philanthropist and economic historian Arnold Toynbee after whom Toynbee Hall in the East End of London is named'


We should add that Polly was also once the BBC Social Affairs Editor. So then, pretty much your average champagne socialist; maybe we should be more understanding of her increasingly irrational ranting at the sight of her beloved Labour Party going down in so many flames?

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