Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Power for pennies?

Model of a NEREUS 10Mwe power plant.

Scale 1:25 10 x 10 x 10 meters

The crisis we face is essentially about energy costs and energy politics; Broon's woefully inept and increasingly totalitarian government continues to ignore the long term run down of the main UK generation plant - and we don't trust those direct debiting French and German owners of out power industries to worry about it, either.

That joke about the last person to leave Britain turning out the lights is redundant; the lights will be out long before he's buggered off on present form.

But with electricity available for 1p a kWh, everything has changes again. So why are we ignoring the only practical solution that's out there?

It's time to club together with you mates and raise ~£10m to install a bite-sized nuclear plant for your town. Town-sized reactors are nothing new - basically the sort of thing that powers submarines and warships - has been proposed as the core of a land solution

Many councils have "widdled" larger sums down Icelandic drains lately, so it's not exactly outrageous money. Do the sums and this makes a world of sense - plus overcapacity gets sold back into the grid. So, can the safety issues can be confronted? But when the choice is this - or going "cold turkey" on civilisation as we know it - TMP suspects a lot of people will realise that there are simply not enough bunnies to go round for us all to hug to keep warm.

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