Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dare Cameron give Gordon all the good ideas, again?

Labour apparatchiks chortle that they want to hear about policies?

Well, there's a pleasant change, since all the banal and pointless chanting is actually coming from Labour's benches, who endlessly chortle "do nothing Tories" in a last-ditch effort to persuade the feeble minded that doing anything, no matter how crass, injurious, pointless and dangerous, is somehow a better strategy. Too bad the Germans called that bluff, eh?

More bad news for a Labour spinner follows, I fear, since the alternative policies recognise Jim Callaghan's words of angst and wisdom:-

"We used to think you could spend your way out of recession by boosting government spending." ...spoken at the 1976 Labour party conference

SuperBroon's complete lack of understanding of the real world (remembering he is hampered by an Aspergers issue) extends to the fact that the moment he wedged up the banks with our cash, the LAST thing the banks wanted to do was let any of it go again. Most of them would not pass on interest rates cuts until Darling banged their heads together. And in reality, all that has happened is that prudent savers have been right royally screwed, and the chancy property vultures are having a field day.

Santander's recent and staggeringly crass threats to get mortgage holders to boost their equity ratios reminds us just how completely challenged these folks can be.

The reality we need to address is that bankers are, on the whole, very stupid people, employed mostly because they are utterly incapable of that most scary unbankerly attribute - an ability for independent and creative thought. An abundance of this quality can be a problem, which is why a handful of over-creative "Ponzi sharks" and toxic mortgage dumpers have swum rings around dumb bankers for years, ending with this current meltdown.

Cameron started to show his hand yesterday, much to many government apologists' delight/horror, and his growing willingness to see stupid bankers trundling down Threadneedle Street in tumbrels seems to stem from a realisation that we have to start any root/branch overhaul of the system by improving the quality of our top financial thinkers. Probably starting with the uber unimpressive Mervyn "moral jeopardy" King and his coterie of clowns that have presided over the process that got us where we are today.

Huge, massive, MAJOR reforms are required in all aspects of banking, finance and taxation - and Broon - the unelected leader of an unelected party (as far as England is concerned) - simply does not have the depth and breadth of social skills required to achieve them, when he can't even drag the Germans this far, even after telling them that he saved them.

It's possible neither does Cameron; but God Knows, we have to try something. Leaving Gordon Brown to continue to embarrass himself and the country is truly the "do nothing" option.

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