Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Wicked Witch and a Motley Crewe

TMP is quite embarrassed by the relentless stream of proof that our assessment of the government and its key personalities over the past two years, has been proven to be so perfectly accurate. The Wicked Witch's tireless efforts since Tony's resignation have confirmed that the dreadful woman is capable of saying and doing just about anything in the interests of accumulating cash.

It is perfectly correct that she should be be relieved of her judicial duties; how can anyone now be confident that a "particularly persuasive" plea for clemency from a dodgy defendant might not end up as a piece of artwork hanging in her latest mansion?

It's taken the Tories the best part of 20 years to live down its clumsily acquired image as heartless toffs in the wake of the poll tax riots, but pretty much the whole of the Labour party now lies exposed as completely bereft of principles, and capable of saying and doing just about anything to cash in on personal memoirs ...or cling to power.

After the sneering destruction of the hereditary element of the House of Lords and its replacement using tawdry purchased honours, the attempt to install the next in line for the Dunwoody dynasty in Crewe using just about any smear tactics that they can conjure, seems particularly appropriate as an act of exquisite cynicism in the dying days of this completely corrupt regime.

It is a mark of Gordon Brown's continued political autism that he did not take the opportunity to stamp his authority on the party and assert that no mater what it cost, he would not permit acts of such cynicism and indecency as have been employed by the party in the Crewe by election, to be traded for a few cheap votes - especially since Labour was probably going to lose either way.

The most impressive and dignified thing he could have done was to withdraw the dreadful Dunwoody woman, expel the Crewe Labour party, and leave the Conservatives and Liberals to fight it out.

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