Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We told you so...

In contrast to the traditional self effacing moment at times when those who have forcibly expressed contentious views are proved to be painfully correct, TMP feels no pain or sorrow when reporting that its two years of observations and predictions for the fate of New Labour's scandalous and corrupt mismanagement of the UK, seems to have been proved entirely correct.

Although the Conservative party still seems reluctant to contemplate the possibility of forcing an early election through circumstances, TMP suspects that the demoralised and discredited Labour Party cannot last a full term when its stultifying arrogance and stupidity is personified by the gurning idiocy of Ed Balls and his patronising "So What?" riposte in the House of Commons to Cameron's proposition that "Under Labour, Britain is more taxed than at any point in its history". Ed Balls' debating skills could make Michael Martin seem like a heavyweight intellectual.

So yet again, the Conservative Party faces the thankless task of fixing up a Labour economic disaster; and then being turfed out for their troubles by an amnesic electorate. By definition, no incoming Conservative Party has ever inherited the type of golden financial opportunity and stability that Blair enjoyed courtesy of the hapless Major administration, and the inflation crushing consequences of the emerging globally networked economy.

The only task from hereon should be to focus on repairing the ten years of insidious damage caused by the dogmatic destruction of British - and in particular, English - society. But it will not be easy without addressing most of Labour's systematic brain-washing through influence on the educational system, and the infiltration of so many of its fellow travellers into the BBC and other positions of media influence.

One of the more pressing challenges will be unwinding the relentless creation of so many publicly funded non-jobs that we simply do not need and now plainly cannot afford. If the spending options were to be listed and the public asked to vote, just how many of Labour's numerous contrived jobs for the otherwise not gainfully employable would remain with any sort of priority when the NHS is still - after countless billions - still not fit for purpose, and our national transport system simply cannot cope?

But where will this army of the estimated 1-2 million pointlessly employed find employment when added to the inevitable outcome from the temporary employment created by the growth of our sub-prime education culture? This now ensures that even the most inept student can go to "university" before settling down to a life of telling travellers to take off their shoes, inspecting dustbins for evidence of rogue recycling, resetting speed cameras or just claiming incapacity benefit.

Labour's regime of relentless and pointless political correctness, backed by armies of jobsworths who couldn't get proper jobs in a productive economy, means that the old-fashioned ways out of recession are not presently available to many as options. It is bloody hard to get a "proper job" these days, mostly because the burdens and responsibilities of being an employer are vast and growing every time a politician opens his or her mouth.

Precious few entrepreneurs are willing to risk or can afford the outrageous costs of setting up any sort of new business under this yoke of red tape and witless legislation. An accountants' rule of thumb suggests that you need to be prepared to kiss goodbye to around £20k before opening the door for any sort of business, if you are to comply with all the necessary employee, fiscal and workplace legislation.

Ironically, Labour's Scottish heartland, land of publicly funded employment, rewarded the Westminster party by inviting the SNP into the luxury parlour so expensively provided by the English. With its once-feted financial industry in disarray, Scotland looks like being an even bigger basket case and burden on the largely English-funded economy.

Yes folks, it's all a huge Ed "So what?" Balls-up. There is no talent to be found anywhere in this benighted government; micro managing Gordon Brown has no idea of what he is doing or why, Alistair Darling just wishes it would all go away; and Teflon Tony Blair is quietly pissing himself.

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