Thursday, March 06, 2008

No surprise

A referendum? We're terribly sorry - but this is a representative democracy where MPs are paid to make the complex decisions that mere voters are not fit to decide for themselves; so piss off.

This government embraces new technology when it suits them: the many, many facets of New Labour's surveillance society; eagerly switching services traditionally dealt with at Post Offices to online forms; online tax returns. You name it, when it suits them, New Labour is rolling the mouse around and clicking frantically.

But the idea of using technology to extend the reach of democracy to allow the people to participate more closely in the decisions of government..? You must be kidding. The Stone Age suits us just fine.

Meddling with the traditional voting process only occurs when the outcome is going to provide a gain to Labour, as exemplified in the postal votes fiasco.

The level of corruption and dishonesty now rampant in this government is approaching levels that would cause the dictator of a banana republic to check his Swiss account and warm up the Learjet. The real problem is that Brown is autistic enough to believe that he is doing a good job, or at the very least, a better one than anyone else could.

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