Thursday, March 13, 2008

Move over Darling

As widely predicted, the witless Chancellor's first budget was an indifferent affair delivered by a non-entity without much sign of ever having had any vestige of any plot that was likely to steer the UK economy away from the shambles that Gordon Brown so carefully and boastfully constructed during his ten years in the job.

TMP's tireless efforts to warn you all away from a sheep-like encouragement for anything faintly green has lead to a situation where all manner of tax milking efforts that can be thinly disguised as environmentally responsible are being imposed in the sacred name of the environment.

The biggest polluter of all is power generation, and the government is solely responsible for the policy that affects this. Given the state of the oil market, all else pales into insignificance, yet HMG simply cannot do the only sane thing and start a dash for nuclear power.

Even if road transport contributes significantly to CO2 at present, it won't when we are all in electric vehicles being recharged at every lampost.

What do we have to do to get rid of these dangerous buffoons?

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