Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Usual Suspects

OK, enough. TMP has watched the UK party conferences (God Help Us) and here's the deal:

Together with the embedded financial system and the civil service, this is "the establishment" and these are the people that have "run" the country since WW2, and they have dumped the UK in the biggest financial crisis of all time. They chose to ignore many warnings, obvious precedents and stark reality in pursuit of political power above all else.

Why on earth should we believe that will not continue to do just the same for as long as we, the majority of the people, are willing to let them?

Thanks to the coalition shambles, David Cameron has been obliged to become barely any different to Gordon Brown - his policies aren't very different although since he has PR training and is not a raving sociopath, it will take us all a litle longer to catch on to the fact he his running this country for the benefit of the Establishment, not the people.

Cameron's refusal to hold the promised referendum was the first and biggest clue that he was already a victim of the "Bildeberg" establishment - big multinational businesses and the banks are still all fundamentally in love with the EU and Euro - why would they not be? Remember that the FT was once the most vehement supporter of Britain entering the Euro (along with the BBC, of course) .

Cameron's recent Internet porn filtering announcement may well be a smokescreen to try and bury the fact that the systems are now in place to filter anything out that Big Brother does not want us to see. And maybe the Blackberry crumble was a result of RIM being obliged to test schemes to blackout its userbase "under orders". After all, the BBM is probably "terrorism's" communication method of choice.

TMP didn't ever really expect to find itself in a position of feeling that the only way out of the mess that we find ourselves mired in is a major change in the world order, but the vested interests of the "Bildeberg community" need to be made far more (?democratically) accountable to the people whose lives they affect - and latterly - wreck.


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