Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's simpler than we thought

Lord Mandelson, aka The Pink Baron, has indeed revealed all about New Labour. The chief challenge appears to have been that they were/are all fundamentally not very clever. In detailing the inner dysfunction of the Blair/Brown years, Mandelson himself comes across as a considerable idiot. So how come it's taken 13 years to suss this out? The notion that Mandeslson was somehow a towering intellect has been blown wide own, and the proof that he is merely a scheming chancer in penned by his own oleaginous hand.

If you accept that Blair/Brown and the rest of the Labour politicians were/are actually big on animal cunning and scheming, but low on intellect and intelligence, just about everything can be explained. Cameron, thus far, has begun to remind us again what it is like to have a presentable, properly determined and ruthless leader in charge once again; and one who doesn't need to do it for the cash. It's been a while.

He's even manage to properly neuter the Libdems in the process, and force the Labour party to parade a collection of yet more embarrassing misfits as prospective leaders.

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