Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Inconvenient redundancies

Like many other self-perpetuating contrivances of those who have traded objectivity and common sense for a comfy job in the nanny state's many hysteria industries, environmentalists thrive on subjective scaremongering. There's been a very nice reward for those willing to go along with the absurdities of the PC persuasion, and don the peaked cap and uniform of our angst and surveillance society. So why would they declare their work done, and go and find a proper job?

An increasingly possible but inconvenient truth is that that climate change will be capped because we will have run out of oil to waste before the polar bears get their paws wet. It will be those much derided features of capitalism - markets and economics - that actually sort it out.

The speed at which energy saving devices like LED lighting is developing is impressive. Not only can we now get a replacement for a 50W GU10 halogen ceiling lamp that consumes around 3W for £5, it is supposed to last 30-50k hours - 15-30 times as long. And the prospect of viable processes for the liberation of hydrogen for fuel cells (or even combustion) from renewable resources, is not fanciful.

The most serious and potentially intractable issue we face is that of overpopulation: the population of a countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh has increased 6 fold in 60 years (from 30m to 180m). But nature also has a very brutal way of dealing with that problem as well, in extremis.

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