Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Real World (3)

Coming on top of 12 years of stultifying bureacracy that has strangled creative and productive enterprise in the UK, the Auld Fraud Broon's belief that the UK can lead the world in any aspect of science, technology or manufacturing with the millstone of his state around its neck is risible and delusional.

Even those at the top of the legal food chain seem to have had enough:

The most senior judge in England and Wales has criticised the government for passing too many crime laws. Sir Igor Judge made a plea for less legislation in a speech at the Lord Mayor of London's dinner for judges.

So how can we begin to clear the decks of the spurious red tape that has accumulated over many years? The babies are now immiscibly blended in lake of murky bathwater, and perhaps we can learn from the Ottoman Empire, which had also run into terminal constitutional decline as the result of many (hundreds of) years of convoluted and irrelevant law and process, when Kemel Ataturk handily bowled up and "reset" the Turkish constitution, and at a stroke (or two) made it relevant to its time and circumstances.

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