Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Real World (2)

Unemployment at 2.4m contains a disproportionate number of young people and long term unemployed. This is obviously linked to massive costs now associated with employing anyone for any productive purpose.

12 years of misguided Labour effort to "protect" employment has had the opposite effect for all private employers who have to try and provide the wealth that the massively over bloated public sector dissipates with such consummate ease.

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Anonymous said...

I am self employed. I'd like some help so that I can take on more work, and it is out there. But I looked at the guarantees that I would have to give this unproven member of my team, over and above the need of me and my family to eat and have a roof over our heads.

Sort answer? I'd sooner turn away work. I will NOT be taking anyone on in this country under the present rules!