Friday, June 05, 2009

It's now S'real: Official

News that Sir Alan Sugar is being rewarded for his stalwart support of Gordon Brown - through thin and thinner - rounds off a surreal period in British Politics with a moment of pantomime. This would appear to be the political equivalent of calling the faithful sub off the bench in the last minute of extra time in the cup final so as to get a reward for their long and loyal service.

Let's pause a reflect:

"No more boom and bust"
"Best placed to deal with the downturn"
"A weak currency is a sign of a weak government"
"British jobs for British workers"

The Damian Green affair, the toxic McBride affair. The pathetic response to the expenses scandal. The grinning loon on YouTube.

What more does anyone need by way of proof that Gordon has been an unmitigated disaster as (unelected) PM..? Why is there even the slightest delay in getting the Auld Fraud perched on his bike, and taking the High Road home?

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TGR Worzel said...

Appointing Alan Sugar to a Government post is an unbelievable move which shows how desperate the Prime Minister is getting.

If he pursues that line, we could have Jeremy Clarkson as Transport Minister, Anthea Turner as Home Secretary, Simon Cowell as Culture minister, Bruce Forsyth as Leader of the House, Graham Norton, Jonathan Ross, Ant & Dec...

I'm sure there are people who are equally as well qualified as Alan Sugar, better qualified probably, who are not celebrities...

Alan Sugar is the thin end of the wedge - we're heading towards a celebrity Government...