Thursday, June 12, 2008

David Davis touches a raw nerve

Apart from deserving free life membership of TMP, David Davis has struck chords with the people that the introspective Westminster Village appears to have misheard.

The initial reaction of the febrile BBC reporters and their pet New Labour Svengalis was that DD had saved Labour by setting up a diversion was ever so slightly contradicted when the BBC's have your say News discussion site failed to produce a single message criticising DD under the "Readers' Recommended" tab.

Virtually the entire scattering of negative messages concentrated a personal attack on Davis, and not the issue. Personal abuse is a habit that Labour's paid squad of online snipers seems hard to drop, despite the Crewe election experience.

Top message is (at the time of writing):


(I have never voted Tory so this is unbiased opinion.)

Mr Davies shows a high-minded, principled, self-sacrificing attitude in complete contrast to the grubby self-serving MP’s who voted yesterday to save their own skins at the price of our historic laws.

And there are many, many more in the same vein. We can only hope that the pampered occupants of that "Modern Versailles" in Westminster will notice the tumbrels gathering?

The next news to hope for would be that a brave Labour MP with a vast majority decides to "do a Davis" and resign his/her seat on a point of principle concerning Labour's cheating over the EU treaty referendum, and stand again as a Tory committed to letting the people voice their opinions. Such an outbreak of integrity, honesty and principle would spell the end of life as many of Westminster's woefully isolated occupants presently know it - and the people would love to feel that they are being taken seriously once again.

Get that knitting pattern ready.

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