Thursday, June 12, 2008

42 days - another click on the ratchet?

Once again, a large chunk of hard won British liberty goes west in the name of anti-terror legislation.

We have seen many examples of the misuse of recently introduced draconian powers intended for "state security" now being zealously applied by the men in beards at your local council to such issues as access to your phone calls, emails, premises - and the content of your dustbin.

However, TMP must recognise that the people at large appear largely indifferent since they believe this is about banging up the suicide bombers. Would that it were: please do not confuse this 42 day rule with a firm hand on the issues of detecting and convicting terrorists.

If New Labour had not been so eagerly instrumental in creating what the rest of world derisively described as "Londonistahn", then we might not be queuing up for hours at the airport shoe inspectors, or watching the steady stream of body bags arrive at Brize Norton because we have no EU "allies" assisting in what is fast becoming our war on our terror.

Wake up and smell that bucket in the corner of your cell; and listen for the next click of the ratchet.

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