Sunday, October 07, 2007

The unlikliest treble of all...

What a weekend this has been. The Tories pass Labour in the polls, England beat Australia in the rugby world cup, and Lewis Hamilton fails to finish. What odds could TMP have wrung from their usual bookie for that treble?

Let's hope that Dave the boy wonder notices that his revival seems mostly due to sounding like a Conservative leader once again, with conservative policies. Cameron also bravely declared the proposition that he wanted to reach the voters who are too apathetic to vote rather than simply pander to the 5% of swing voters. At long last a major politician seems willing to address the one political tactic more than any other that has progressively ruined this country over the past 10 years. This has been the core reason why TMP felt it necessary to remind us that the majority of the UK is governed by an unseemly cabal of minorities.

What the churlish snipers of the "Death Tax Relief" situation fail to realise is that although those with estates in the £1m region may be relatively few and far between, they are all likely to have large families who would rather like to get their hands on 100% of the proceeds when grandma pops her clogs.

The Tories show of unity also pulled off another major feat - they fielded a much more appealing team of credible and coherent politicians compared to Brown's cabinet of ineffectual fellow travellers and spinmeisters.

Brown's reaction when quizzed on the prospect of an early election was churlish and pathetic. As ever when interviewed, he barely answered a straight question with a direct answer, and his team of plainly distraught but still smarmy no-hopers will now have to work overtime on the BBC to encourage the numerous apparatchiks in Wood Lane and Broadcasting House to repair the damage.

TMP's brave prediction of an October election gave Brown too much credit for an ability to make a decision; instead, by dropping hints of an impending election Brown gave the otherwsie dead Conservative party the incentive and the one chance it needed to regroup and rally around an inspirational leader, and look like a united and credible alternative government at last.

So are we in for 3 more years of listening to a bullying Caledonian windbag pontificate while we watch his pack of inexperienced Brownies continue to fail at the nation's considerable expense? Can anyone unearth a big enough scandal to force a general election? After ten years in government, Brown and his acolytes have many election-losing skeletons in many closets (listed earlier in this blog), but maybe now the public have the desire and will to see them exhumed at last, confident in the belief that the alternative could be better.

The interesting times continue.

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