Sunday, October 14, 2007

Now it's Darling's turn to screw up

Rarely is business opinion so unified around the country as the reaction of big and small business to Darling's messing with CGT and taper relief. At last those tiresome pink fringes of the City who have hitherto been happy to be associated with New Labour are starting to wake up and find out what sort of old-style socialist regime the undynamic Caledonian duo have in mind.

As the BBC continues to unravel, that last bastion of New Labour hope - the Appointments section of the Guardian newspaper - still echoes to the many whistles of the many publicly funded gravy trains that are spending your money advertising for apparatchiks fluent in newspeak to step into the glittering array of index-pensionable non-jobs for neo-commissars that have been created over the past 10 years in national and local government, and NGOs of all varieties. Here are all the savings Cameron needs to fund zero IHT and free solar panels for all.

In the nick of time, David Cameron has rediscovered the masses; and if he has the nerve to stop fretting about the floating vote (which by definition has a short memory) the reality was/is that the majority of the English are conservative by nature and don't want Sharia Law or the European super state rather more than they do want windmills on bicycles, or well-hugged hoodies. By addressing the 30-40% of apathetic voters Cameron is looking fresh and thoughtful, and capable of leading a competent team that looks fit for government; whereas Brown is increasingly yesterday's beleaguered man, surrounded by a remarkably talent-free zone.

Gordon really cannot pretend that the mess that he is now sinking in is all Blair's doing. Can he?

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