Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yet more surveillance; and some answers at last?

News that the ability to order phone tapping access has been extended by a stroke of the Home Secretary's pen to include everyone from tax authorities to lollipop ladies in the name "anti terrorism" will not come as a surprise to TMP readers. It is of course part of an EU policy that has been enacted without debate or discussion.

Now then, brace yourselves.

A brave bloke called Brian Gerrish (a former naval sub commander) has stuck his head above the parapet in an effort to "out" what he believes is a sinister conspiracy reaching into all aspects UK public life, that should at the very least make you think. The story is told and illustrated on Google Video, and you must look at it ...

Gerrish is a credible presenter (formal naval commander) and he sets out how a sinister and secretive left-wing organisation called "Common Purpose" has been steadily chipping away at the establishment for 20 years using well proven mind management techniques and infiltrated their "disciples" just about everywhere. The ~20,000 people thus far "trained" by Common Purpose do not appear to be of particularly high intellectual quality, just suitably malleable for manipulation by their cause. In other words, the perfect "Apparatchik" material.

TMP accepts that the enormity of the implications of this may be a bit too "invasion of the mind snatchers" for many observers' comfort, and the attention from the more extreme edges of UKIP doesn't help - however, the individuals being identified, interconnected and named aren't all rushing off to sue for some reason..?

Gerrish's propositions go a long way to explaining many of the absurdities of recent times, and ought to be enough evidence to require a full and detailed enquiry into the actions and backing of Common Purpose before many more of the EU's privacy invasion directives are implemented by stealth, like the phone tapping extensions.

Even if just 10% of Gerrish's assertions turn out to be true, then this could still be the conspiracy story of the century. It does provide interesting explanations for several aberrations such as the Dome debacle; the Camelot monopoly and generally how so many otherwise talentless inmates are now in full control of the asylum.

Could it be true?

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