Sunday, September 23, 2007

Brown Declares October Election

Please excuse us.

Yes, TMP is using its awesome powers of prescience, since the words have not yet passed Gordon's quivering lips; but let's face it - it's inevitable. He has peered into the financial abyss opening up under the UK economy that has been built on good old socialist "never never" sand for too long.

He knows the may never get a better chance to fool enough of the people one more time, but there's just a possibility the British people can be reminded of the top reasons to boot him out before he and his gang of neophytes can do much more damage to the UK. TMP wishes it could be more enthusiastic about the most probable alternatives, but we really are now at that dreadful moment where ANYTHING is better than the prospect we face for yet another 5 years or toment.

1) The economic stability of the past 10 years was built on the platform of the last conservative chancellor, Ken Clark. Brown's best ever move was to hand control of interest rates to the BoE, but he only did this because he knew that Tony Blair simply would not be able to resist the temptation to play politics with them. And then they both set about and spent the legacy.

2) £40bn on health and almost nothing to show for it but smiling £100k+ a year GPs.

3) Any rational immigration debate has been cleverly disorganised by the simple fact that no one seems to know how many people have just turned up in the UK and remained. But let's say it's about 3million - roughly the size of the present so-called "housing requirement" - and the number of swing voters to win an election.

4) Numerous sneaky and pernicious stealth taxes on everything from insurance to travel.

5) More CCTV and surveillance systems than any country in the world, including totalitarian regimes.

6) No more North Sea Oil - but no long term energy strategy other than more taxes on anything deemed ungreen ...and fingers crossed.

7) An education system that now seems to operate on just two levels - churn out kids stuffed into faux university places to study non-subjects; and those who can't even spell the ASBO they are destined to receive.

8) Almost half the workforce on faux jobs created for the public payroll; mostly in roles like Health and Safety and council inspectors of some sort or another - because of the need to justify so many pointless graduates, and keep them from embarrassing the unemployment stats (and doing damage in the real economy...).

9) Arrogant and scornful disregard for the widespread desire for an EU constitution referendum.

10) Active disdain for the English majority of the UK. After years of successful gerrymandering, McLabour has fiddled a system that gives the casting to vote to any minority likely to prop up the Labour party.

11) Iraq: Brown happily paid our money to help pave this road to hell - and is now busily trying to to look like it was nothing to do with him.

12) The BBC's descent from independent global authority, to an over-funded plaything of the left that does the government's bidding. Who can forget Radio 4 presenter Jim Naughtie when he said "if we win the next election..."

Would an astute electorate actually need more reasons than those to tip the responsible party onto the street? We shall find out, but meantime, TMP is scanning the property websites of those countries that have become all too popular bolt-holes for those enterprising Brits that once made up the backbone of our society. Save us a plot...

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