Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Calling Kazakhstan

I eventually managed to obtain a csv file with a comprehensive tariff listing for non-geographic calls made in the UK. I think it's from Gamma Telecom, but my source was coy in case they got knee capped for exposing the scale of the scamming going on.

These charges relate to premium rate services and these don't vary a lot between the various alternative telco operators. I have not included the overseas tariff - is still cheapest by far and you can look up on their site readily enough..

Following Borat's campaign to raise the profile of Kazakhstan I thought I would mention that even using the least cost possible phone call services, it costs about the same to call a mobile in Kazakhstan as a UK 087XX service - which could be located in the same building as you are. Moreover, I suspect you probably get more satisfaction from calling Kazakhstan with neither party understanding the other, than talking to the average "UK" call centre. Costs of calls to fixed lines in Kazakhstan are 4p a minute, compared to the ~10p fleecing you get on a UK 087XX.

And things don't get any better on higher ticket items. I realise that the world's car manufacturers refer to the UK as "Treasure Isle" because they manage to charge more here than just about anywhere (check the price of Subaru in the UK versus anywhere else), so why is it that the UK is so full of suckers?

Moreover, why on earth do so many foreign workers want to come to the UK and get fleeced along with the rest of us? Presumably if they send the money they earn straight home and don't spend any here (especially on optional stuff like car insurance and MOTs), they make a serious net gain.

Incidentally, take great care when calling numbers that begin with '87039" as these are costing you around £8 a minute.

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