Friday, October 20, 2006

Our survey said: more sex please, we're past it

Dontcha just love surveys? UKTVGold has commissioned an audience attitude review to assess the regrets felt by two specific age groups. It quizzed 1,500 Britons over 65 and the same number aged between 20-29 and asked for their top 10 wishes if they could turn back the clock.
Instead of UKTV's probably hoped-for news that the nation was gagging for more episodes of the Sweeny and reruns of Bargain Hunt, the 20-29s mostly regretted wasting money and not getting on the housing ladder soon enough. Maybe not too surprising given the sort of treadmill lives they lead where the first 364 days of the working year are just about all spent working for Gordon Brown. And if that's not a waste of money, what is?

But the really interesting thing was that the over 65s mostly (70%) regretted not having enough sex and travel. All of which only goes to prove that you always want what you can't have.

Another disappointing but telling regret is that only 16% of crumblies regret not starting their own business - but bear in mind that the survey was probably drawn from the audience of daytime satellite TV...

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