Sunday, October 29, 2006

Human rights and inhuman wrongs

The dangerous stupidity and dogmatic ritual of "Human Rights" legislation is one of the crowning works of the devil and his/her many disciples in Brussels and Whitehall. It brings together the otherwise unimportant, the self righteous, the unworldly, the well-meaning, the smugly sanctimonious and the downright mischievous in an co-ordinated orgy of self-indulgent hypocrisy, the like of which civilization has not seen since the Spanish Inquisition.

With acknowledgements to Monty Python, the big difference this time around is that by now, most of us do indeed thoroughly expect the European Convention on Human Rights.

Where ever justice, truth, decency and the normal of way doing things has prevailed for centuries, some unelected twat will turn up and quote some obscure regulation enacted by a committee of unelected twats, to ensure that common sense is brought to a swift and mindless conclusion.

The bastard offspring of the ECHR are of course the legions of Health and Safety officialdom. H&S frequently quotes the ECHR as its foundation, justification and guiding principle. After all, sending a bloke up a ladder to change a light bulb without a full safety harness and air-sea rescue standing by is indeed asking for trouble in today's litigation-laced environment.

And just we have come to expect the ECHR and H&S blocking the path of common sense at every turn, so it's no surprise to find the worthless bureaucratic mandarins of the EU and President Blair's lawyer missus at the heart of this catastrophe of obtuse, unnecessary and disruptive legislation that has spawned more work for the vexatious and their lawyers than just about anything else in the past 50 years.

If like the many political apparatchiks drawn from the legal profession, you have a £m+ mortgage in trendy Islington and a penchant for living above your means to service, that's good news indeed.

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