Tuesday, January 10, 2012

High speed rail

The infrastructure of the South East and East Anglia in particular was pretty much abandoned by the last government for lack of voter potential. However, VAST sums were lavished on traditional Labour supporting areas in the North, Wales, Midlands and of course Scotland - where Broon and his Caledonian cabal hung out.

And now CMD is planning to blow £30bn+ (that we don't have) on trains to get the occupants of North Britain down south even faster? We can only assume that this will be using entirely British technology from end to end.

But fibre to every building in the land would be a FAR better use of the money - assuming it was using all UK made kit.


Anonymous said...

Why not just do away with the North and at a push the Midlands. All the money that has been "lavished" north of Watford hasn't improved the lives of pie eating pipe smoking miscreants that dwell outside of outer London so why don't the South call for independence from the rest of the country (like the Scots) so that we can have a baron wastland with no people, no money and no investment in the middle of the nation.

Or we could just get faster broadband so we could watch porn in high def.

Anonymous said...

Well, now we are disarming and shutting down the army and navy, we have even less use for the traditionally bellicose North British; so you may have a useful point.