Saturday, April 09, 2011

Events, dear boy.

Well, there TMP was, thinking it was going to have a relatively quiet time observing the coalition set about trying to undo 13 years of Labour misrule; and trying to turn the nation around from the "client state" of misplaced socialist dependency into one that remembered that no one owes anyone a living - least of all the rather more sophisticated world that has rushed past us while Labour pissed all our wealth away when buying 3 elections.

The problems we face have just got a lot bigger - since the anti-nuclear lobby will now be hugging trees and bunnies with renewed fervour. But the Japanese problems were most probably avoidable: the reactor construction withstood the earthquake pretty well by all accounts - and cooling systems pumps and electrical gear that failed under the tsunami deluge could easily have been made fully waterproof with a bit more anticipation and thought. Maybe submarine construction techniques could have been used.

Count up the numbers still killed annually in the coal mining industry and compare to the numbers actually killed from nuclear power accidents. You will be surprised.

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