Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We're all doomed

As the client state is unavoidably dismantled, the complete absence of any discernible incentive to create and maintain new businesses employing people, and the BBC-Guardian's continued efforts to pretend that it's all Cameron's fault, is going to lead to big trouble.

When those tipped out of work run out of money and benefits - and cannot find a generous local council still willing to offer non jobs - there is going to be indignation and trouble. As everyone starts to take it ever further up the arse from Broon's inflation legacy, things are going to get really grim. 

The UK has got absolutely nothing in reserve, except 2 million unneeded state employees, and a brief glance around the rest of the world really does underline that the party is over as 13 years of socialist disaster has left the UK with precious few ways to escape a decade of decline. 

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