Sunday, November 08, 2009

A brief sabbatical

Please excuse TMP for taking a couple of months off.

The enforced break brought about when Lord Google decided this blog was spam gave us pause to ponder. We did of course object at being put on the naughty step for no reason whatever - and we did try asking Lord Google to explain himself, but typically, he did not. We have some suspicions what might have been going on - it seems reasonable to assume that Google secretly compares blog content with other posted information. And yes, some TMP items are cross posted elsewhere on the net. But at not time were consulted, asked or advised - Big Google just did his thing, in his own time and in in his own secretive way.

Lord Google - who now exerts dominion over vast tracts of cyberspace - feels that he is not accountable in any way to his the users who have handed him (and the US spooks) their innermost secrets and personal details. But he puts a lot of energy into smoozing politicians and buffing up their already voluminous egos by holding invitation-only conferences and events for them and members a worshipful media that are even more sought after than a G20 summit.

TMP has been pondering the task facing the next UK government. We've been asked how we would feel if it was not a majority government, but just another fudge of sort that we are presently labouring under, albeit a Conservative fudge. And that's a very good question indeed.

High on of our list is what to do about the question of Europe. Of course it's plain daft for Cameron to be expected to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Not only would such an overt challenge cause the slushmeisiters of the EU to pour money into trying keep it's puppet chums in the Labour Party in power, there are far better ways to tackle the issues raised.

We need a new treaty proposed by the UK that the other disenfranchised people of Europe could participate in - there is clear populist evidence that it's not just the long suffering English, but those many people across Europe who are paying for the EU gravy train and its tender of the client superstate.

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