Friday, January 30, 2009

S'ralan waves the flag

It was back in 1968, a few weeks after another monster Labour devaluation of the £, that Harold ("The £ in your pocket is not worth any less") Wilson produced the "I'm backing Britain" campaign...

TMP remembers it well, and Sir Alan Sugar's recent Mirror article exhorting the readers to buy British rang a few old bells. Here's some wonderful Daily Mirror irony from the story of the 1968 campaign:

"...attempts were made to take over the campaign by Robert Maxwell [proprietor of the Mirror] who wanted to change its focus into an appeal to 'Buy British'"

(Sir A had better make certain the guard rails on his boat are well bolted down if he gets any Mirror management on board.)

And today, we have the fiasco over "British Jobs for .... ooops - foreign refinery construction workers". A gaffe-prone Gordon Brown just keeps on putting his foot in his mouth. Let's also remember: "No more boom and bust", "the best placed economy to weather the downturn", "a weak currency is the sign of a weak country".

The only logical conclusion of our politicians' passion for globalisation is that we must all end up rounded down to the living standards of a Chinese peasant - otherwise we have to accept that life and business is unfair, like the admirable French; who, as S'ralan observes, are able to bend the rules to suit themselves better than anyone.

SirA goes on:

"It's time for us in the UK to worry about ourselves. Let's face it, no one else is going to help us out."

"I say stuff the EU for a while until it suits us."

Seconded. But is Paxo is still made in the UK..?

Let's face it, a Labour government always collapses in financial disaster and devaluation. Did S'ralan ever ask Gordon how many Labour MPs have any experience of running their own businesses? TMP thinks it's about 10. Labour Peers, on the other hand, seem to be extremely enterprising... and their "customers" are "buying British".

What a thoroughly disgraceful shambles. Isn't it about time Sir Alan gave Brown and Labour the finger it so richly deserves, even if he cannot yet bring himself to overtly support Cameron's Tories?

TMP would be happy to invite him into our swelling ranks. His series of video interviews with Gordon Brown on YouTube (below) is an eye opening event that deserves a far wider audience. He nearly plucks up courage to call the Auld Caledonian Fraud a moron, but one gets the feeling that his deep distaste for the Bullingdon Boys will prevent a defection until his Apprentice protege Tim Campbell is running to be the first black Conservative PM.

There are 5 interviews in this series (search Youtube) - they're all well worth watching.

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