Saturday, August 09, 2008

Olympic Fun and Games 20012

The Chinese have seriously upped the ante for London. Gordon & Co must be laughing their heads off that they will most likely not be the ones left to pick up the tab and explain it to the electors.

After the fiasco of the Manchester Commonwealth Games a few years ago, we might as well give up now, and decide to wheel out few pearly queens and a steel band.

Although, it would be a Modern British tradition to have a man in a peaked cap greet the competitors, and charge £100 personal carbon tax for converting too much oxygen into CO2, £100 for disposing of their rubbish, £100 for speeding - and as for the shooting competitors...

The torch lighting bit was also quite an act follow - London can use a hoodie tossing his spliff away...

And then we can charge everyone that tuns up at Heathrow £500 for fuel surcharges and £200 departure taxes on their way out. And then we'd only need to attract around 19 million visitors to pay for the whole show!

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