Thursday, February 07, 2008

A talent free zone

Gordon Brown has a reputation for being a control freak, and suspicions that he would appoint a team of no hopers on the principle that when he wanted their opinons, he would give them to them, seem to have been proved correct.

There was bugger-all talent in the Labour Party when elected way back in 1997, and there is even less now. Such talent as there was tended to be regarded as awkward and disruptive (Robin Cook, Mo Mowlem, Frank Field) since they allowed pesky prinicples to guide their political judgement. Something that no Labour leader that has ever survived an election has ever managed to do.

TMP is lost for words that are sufficiently dismissive to describe the collective talent of the present government, and can best point to the Peter Hain affair. A minister with not one but TWO portfolios is allegedly caught with his hand in a till that he didn't realise existed, honestly. The permatanned transpolitico (he was once a Liberal) Hain has a history of violent protest as student activist and was even tried (and acquitted after an alleged "frame up") for bank robbery in his native South Africa in 1976.

And now the Archbishop of Canterbury endorses the idea of adopting Sharia Law into UK law in order to appease moselms. Just try telling Saudia Arabia to enshrine English Common law, and see how long your infidel head and shoulders remain attached.

What on earth is going on in this benighted country?

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