Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Edewkayshun, edukayshen, educashone

Well done Tony & Co. All those billions spent on the UK educational system enforcing diversity, inclusiveness and sufficient political correction to create a generation of Stepfordesque New Labour voters incapable of a practical thought, have done the trick.

These new voters won't be able to spell "sleaze" or "corruption", never mind understand enough of the issues to vote against it. Latest reports on world rankings in Education are summed up in the Daily Telegraph headline: "Britain nosedives in education league tables". It goes on...

"In reading, 15-year-olds in the UK dropped from 7th in 2000 to 17th, behind countries including Estonia and Liechtenstein. In maths, pupils fell from eighth to 24th - placing them below the international average. In science, secondary school students in the UK dropped from 4th to 14th. "

It's actually quite hard to find words to describe just how damaging and serious this is for the nation at a time when we have no other assets left other than our brains. In our so-called knowledge economy, 10 years of badly managed educational policy have placed us all on the brink of bankruptcy.

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