Sunday, August 26, 2007

The SS and its propaganda machine

News of another drive-by shooting in a police "no go" area - this time on a BMX bike - has spurred fad-conscious tory Boy Wonder David Cameron to suggest that perhaps we might park more esoteric (and possibly irrelevant issues) to look to the core decline of British society during ten years of Stealth Socialism (SS), where the propaganda role of Goebbels has been eagerly adopted and executed by the BBC.

TMP thinks Cameron right to try and shift the debate from the obvious symptoms to the more subtle causes, but regrets how badly managed he has been by his PR mentors over the past few months. His worthy cause may be devalued by the systematic carping of a BBC that is now a barely disguised propaganda machine that is controlled by a cabal of minorities drawn from the chattering classes of Islington that exemplify most of what went wrong with the UK during the Blair Presidency, as traditional "middle England traditional values" were systematically undermined to promote a left-leaning agenda.

The BBC has done its best to assist the SS by sensationally exaggerating the day-to-day risks of life, terrifying the gullible with shows like East Enders, Casualty and Crimewatch, and the sensational and biased way that News is presented. A climate has been created in which the public will apparently accept the numerous impositions of mostly unaccountable petty authority ranging from blanket surveillance by CCTV, cellphone records, and storecards to shoe inspections that might once have caused riots even during wartime.

Countless age-old traditions, liberties and freedoms have been binned in the past ten years, and we appear to be no safer - all of which is inescapably traceable to Labour's double whammy of allowing the Muslim population of the UK to reach some 3m, and then pissing them all off mightily with the Blair/Bush "crusades". The police who are left largely powerless to cope with over 2000 serious terror suspects, yearn for the good old days of the IRA - but gratefully accept any excuse and opportunity to get your DNA on their national computer database "just in case"...

We are expected to dutifully and stoically accept that travelling through an airport now involves an absurd series of mindless impositions enforced by the stormtroopers of the SS who realise that they have found the ultimate cushy jobs that they could never hope to find in the competitive world.

As middle England struggles to pay its mortgage, look after its families and mind its own business - the BBC drives-by and its collection of lefties and luvvies and lean out of their tax-funded limo and spray it with carefully constructed psychological ploys that constantly grind away at the notion that it is right and proper to want to bring up a family with two parents (of diverse gender) in attendance, expecting the police to enforce the law in favour of the interests of the majority of "decent people".

The celebration of ever more challenging misfits and weirdness in general could be explained as car-crash media by commercial channels (why does Big Brother spring to mind?) desperate for eyeballs to sell at any cost to quality and taste - but the whole point of the BBC was that it did not need to scrape away at the lowest common denominators of society and keeping turning over stones in its quest for sensationalist material.

Perhaps the most heinous crime of all is the way that the BBC has presided over a period when the now-too-large-to-be-challenged empire of Rupert Murdoch has grabbed the high ground and now effectively controls newsprint and TV from his offshore tax havens. Moreover, Sky is now doing an effective job of mopping up consumer broadband supply.

It's apparent that the age of scheduled broadcasting is just about over, so it's clearly time for the BBC to be disbanded. The changed nature of technology provides for some very creative options in the way that this can be done and serve the public interest that has been so cynically ignored of late.

In the wake of the personal video recorder and Internet, the word "broadcaster" may be about to become as quaintly irrelevant as "stage coach" was after the Model T revolutionised personal transport. Given that the BBC has been central to the insidious process that has undermining UK society and community for the past 10 years, TMP suggests that it is time to disband the major centres, and hand the BBC regional offices over to local regional content creators, with a remit to serve and listen to the majority voices of their communities.

And then the audience can vote with its cash.

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