Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The EU: millstones for all

Whilst TMP is happy with the idea of a free trade zone, TMP is increasingly convinced that EU social engineering is a thoroughly bad thing, because as the recent Eurovision song contest proved yet again, the notion of any sort of European social unity is a dangerous farce amongst the tribal fiefdoms of the new Eastern states.

These Baltic and Balkan states will understandably extract the bits that suit them, and ignore the rest - like any sensible self-interested nation would. In fact, pretty much like all EU states but the naive UK have managed to do over the years.

The EU appears to be a completely outdated idea that was cooked up by the French and Germans to force their trading partners to suffer the same social costs as themselves, and thus reduce the competitiveness of all member nations. The motto might well have been "let my millstone be your millstone"

A level playing field for the "advanced nations of the West" to gang up on the USA might have made some sort of sense in the 60s when Europe and the US was some 10 years ahead of the rest of the world in most economic respects, and 20 years ahead of China and India, but the rest of the world now laughs at EU employment law and Health and Safety impositions, while piling up foreign currency reserves that could topple any economy of their choosing overnight.

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