Monday, April 30, 2007

Council elections: some choice!

Various commentators continue to wring their hands about the state of local government, and how most local councils seem to have acquired Taliban-like enclaves of politically correct officials who conveniently hide behind the incessant stream absurd diktats from the EU. Did you really consciously vote for this state of affairs?

Once again the answer is simple: instead of the voting system from the dark ages, why not insist on a scheme that allows you to make simple but obvious choices on the ballot paper itself?

Multiple choice may be the answer to try and curtail the endless opportunities to dissipate your wealth on those for whom the notion of wealth creation is a distant memory. Here are some suggestions, and although TMP does not claim to have done the sums in any detail, you will get the gist..?

10 diversity officers, or 5 miles of road resurfacing
15 health and safety officers, or respite care for the elderly
A cultural exchange with Jamaica, or two park keepers
100 CCTV cameras or 20 police officers on the beat
20 parking wardens or weekly bin collections

Please don't believe the incumbent politicians when they say it cannot be done - we live in the 21st century, not the middle ages, of course this can be done...

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